How much business continuity do you need before you aim for resilience?

Posted May 17th, 2012 in Business Continuity, Business Resilience, Resilience Thinking by gavin

Lots of BCM managers are keen on the benefits that a resilience strategy provides but, it also seems like organisations are worried that their business continuity programme is not mature enough, so the assumption is that the organisation is not ready to think about being resilient.

Is there a good time?

Resilience does not have a beginning and an end, nor should it be thought of as an operational function of your business. Organisational resilience is a strategic mind-set and objective that you are aiming to achieve. It would be idealistic to have an effective business continuity programme before thinking about resilience, but is this task ever complete?

So to answer this question, no there is never a good time.  Business continuity is an endless cycle of improvement, perhaps the right time is down to your organisation and its current position. But if your organisation holds back it resilience strategy you might be in a position where something large impacts your business and you are forced to change. It is always better to be one step ahead rather than playing catch-up.

Get your management on board, develop a strategy for resilience as an organisation, because you might have more resilience than you realise.


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