A comment on the cultural appearance of the Resilience Measurement Tool

A few of our clients have asked about the questions in our Resilience Measurement Tool and have remarked on how it appears to measure cultural resilience very well, but may not seem to cover more operational areas.

Yes and no

Yes the Resilience Measurement Tool does measure the more cultural aspects of resilience. That is what enables us to get right to the capabilities that actually make organisations resilient, rather than just measuring the extent to which they have the right paperwork.

At the same time, each question in our tool is specifically designed to measure resilience using common every day language. While our questions appear cultural or ‘soft’ we are in fact measuring more operational areas by asking about peoples’ actual experience of these areas. It’s the difference between having a policy in place, and that policy actually being embedded into the organisation’s way of working – it’s culture.

If you’d like to understand this in more detail, feel free to contact us.

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